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While ‘attention to detail’ may not be an actual service we provide, it’s the primary emphasis of each project we undertake. We sincerely take pride in the work we do.

“It’s even nicer than I expected” is a phrase often proclaimed by our clients.


What You Get From a PVC Deck Built By LeBlanc Decks

Invisible fasteners

On any PVC deck we’ll use a variety of special hidden fasteners designed to provide a decking surface that is 100% free of visible screws. This is a detail we love providing our customers!



Unless a client prefers not to include them, or unless it doesn’t make design sense, a single border along all exposed edges of the deck is standard. The choice is up to you whether the border is the same color as the field planks or something completely different. Borders can even be 2 or more planks wide and continue along all edges of the deck.



You’ll never find butt joint seams in the field of our decking. To avoid the often unsightly gaps caused by butt joints we install strategically placed divider boards that are used to breakup long runs of decking and create entirely separate sections of decking that are 100% seamless.



We never stop looking for new ways to insert creativity into our decking projects. PVC planks lend themselves to heat bending, something that has expanded the possibilities of deck design.